10 lessons I learned in 2020

1. SELF-MANAGEMENT: Treat myself as my best friend (LIFE CHANGING!)

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“If I were my best friend, what would I recommend to myself?”

And how do you care about yourself? What do you tell yourself in hard periods of time?

2. GROWTH: Do something new

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  • I believe in neurobiology and of our brains and when you do sth new you form new neuron connections
  • I want to know myself better — what I like and dislike and what I want to proceed with
  • this is aka jumping of the comfort zone and usually training the risk muscle — lots of things I tried were slightly risky

3. SURROUNDING: My surrounding define who I am

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4. SELF-MANAGEMENT: Doing sports is not a choice — but a need

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5. SELF-MANAGEMENT: The more privacy — the better

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6. MONEY: $ love accounting

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7. SELF-MANAGEMENT: Track habits to become the person I want to

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8. SELF-MANAGEMENT: Book the time for learning

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9. GROWTH: Better done than perfect

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10. Be grateful

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Aksena Krykun

Aksena Krykun

Passionate about IT and startups. Books lover. Made in Ukraine.