The biggest lesson I learned in 2021

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  1. During my life events: travel, work, projects, etc. I started to understand who am I — which risk is ok for me, where are my boundaries, what does great in different spheres of life mean for me what is bad and how I react. What are my cycles and why it is better to sleep for me 8+ hours? Knowing myself allows me to predict myself and build systems and tools which support my activities in the best way. Also, this is a long path to understandable decisions, and logical for me. So I don`t have an internal conflict on what I am doing (still, I am learning, but this year it is far better).
  2. As a person in society — when you know your boundaries and principles, where you are going, what is valuable for you — you know how to build and not to build relationships with others. Or at least, you know why you are building those relationships and how they define you. You can set up your boundaries and let others know about them. You act according to your principles, you feel better in this world. I checked this.




Passionate about IT and startups. Books lover. Made in Ukraine.

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Aksena Krykun

Aksena Krykun

Passionate about IT and startups. Books lover. Made in Ukraine.

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