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Aksena Krykun
10 min readMar 17, 2019

Hi, my name is Oksana, and I hate motivational speeches. Why? Because I saw lots of those people who “motivated” others all the time without doing the “real job.” So I had this devaluation of “motivational currency.”

But there is one thing which recently made me change my opinion. Sometimes you need to share your stories and conclusions to make others learn and grow faster. That is why my last speech was a bit unusual and motivational (this was a challenge to me) — I wanted to tell the attendees at the Women Tech Makers conference in Lviv the thing is that to achieve something, they need to believe in themselves — and obviously, I made one of those motivational speeches.

This is the thing I want to tell you with this article as well, and it does not mean whether you are male or female — I think the things I am writing here are appropriate for both sexes.

Think of the last time you needed to take some action, and you thought, “I am not good enough,” or “I cannot do this,” or “others are better,” and “this is too much responsibility.” Then, in some time, you understood that the task was not that scary, and you can quickly have done that, but you missed the opportunity.
This disbelief in ourselves has a significant impact on our lives and careers, and, moreover, on our self-esteem — one defeat leads to another one and then another. And we don`t shoot (afraid to shoot) for the stars anymore.

I had plenty of such situations in my life (aka talking about my failures here):
First, I did not apply to the MBA 5 years ago because I thought I was not good enough — and my friends did, finished, and now they are working in world-class companies.
Second, I did not start my business 7 years ago because I was scared of the fact that a student will start a business (and now it is normal) — and some of the people I know started, explored new niches and now work on what they love.
Third, I did not apply to the university abroad to study for the Bachelor’s. At those times, 10 years ago, it was super unusual, and I did not even see on my life radar this type of opportunity.
Literally, I missed tons of opportunities in my life because of disbelief in…

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