2020 was hard. Actually, it sucks for the whole world — just watch this video (still it is very otimistic). Tonns of protests, COVID, Trump, more COVID, and… we are drained mentally and some of us even physically — because of the COVID implications.

As usual, I will not write this post with the “goals setting” or “results of the year” format — yes, I do this. But for myself. Because those are my results: fails and wins. However, I love the posts by Sam Altman — about the wisdom he shares, and especially about the lessons.

A short overview…

Hi, my name is Oksana, I am Product Management Office Associate Director@SoftServe and I am the Head of Product Track of IT Arena this year. Together with my partner in Product Track organization — Mary Pylyp — we did a fantastic speaker’s lineup. Today I want to share it with you — not because I am excited, and I am waiting for those speeches as for the new year’s gifts — but also because those topics are super “meaty” with the essence of the experience.

And here is a hook how it was last year — on this photo our…

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The presentation tone differs from the type of presentation. The presentations are different but the ingredients are the same and need to be mixed in different proportions to make the presentations succeed.

We love TED curator`s — Chris Anderson`s — citation:
A successful talk is a little miracle — people see the world differently afterward.

Chris shares his steps in presentation preparation — how to create this miracle, and we want to share with you and enrich it with our experience in presentation preparation.

This post I am writing on behalf of my Speak2Me team. More you can find here.

1. Frame your story

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Dear 2019, you were super awesome. Amazing, cool and it-will-be-hard-to-excel-you year. Thanks. That was a great pit-stop with no big life moves but you were adventurous at the same time. I want to reflect as each year is a way to learn and make the next one even better.

I know that January almost ended but here are several lessons I want to share which might be useful to you too. Lessons for 2018 are here.

Lesson 1. Count your money

Hey, this is a story how I wanted to celebrate my B-day somewhere not in Ukraine.

Tsavo West park — photo credits to Anya Kosareva

There is an excellent telegram channel called Veter Doit. I saw tickets to Nairobi, Kenya for around $650. Super deal, yay? And my B-Day is coming in 6 months. I wrote to my friend, and she was crazy enough to say “yes” to the idea. Finally, we spent nine awesome days in Kenya, and now I will tell you:

  • why visit Kenya (at least why I visited it)
  • How much does it cost and how to choose?
  • Where to go?

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Hi, my name is Oksana, and I hate motivational speeches. Why? Because I saw lots of those people who “motivated” others all the time without doing the “real job.” So I had this devaluation of “motivational currency.”

But there is one thing which recently made me change my opinion. Sometimes you need to share your stories and conclusions to make others learn and grow faster. …

Disclaimer: the new year of 2019 came, and everyone wants to share what happened to them in 2018. This is awesome, but lots of this is super private (to me, for example), that is why I don`t want to share here what happened to me in 2018, but probably what I learned in 2018 and what can help you not to make my mistakes or to excel more in 2019. Everything below is my humble opinion which might now align with your life challenges, beliefs, and other stuff. It is ok) So, here we go.

1. Set goals, but don`t punish yourself if you did not reach them

by Matt Ragland | Unsplash

So I wanna start from…

Let me introduce myself…

Hi, my name is Oksana. Probably you know me as a business analyst or product management oriented girl who wants to build product mindset in IT outsourcing companies. Or you have attended one of my pitch preparation sessions. Or we have even met somewhere at incubator or Lviv Business School.

If we have not met yet, let me introduce myself then: my name is Oksana, I am from Ukraine, I am mad about tech, innovations and outstanding, inspiring people and I try to be the one. Also, I work as a Business Analyst and Product Manager in one of the…

From Unsplash

Коли часу стає все менше, а потреби більш “цільові” — починаєш дуже прискіпливо ставитись до “сотні підписок” і добрих півсотні “книжок і мислителів”, яких рекомендують звідусіль.

Назріли наразі такі “інформаційні” питання:

  1. Інформація про здоровий спосіб життя
  2. Інформація для натхнення
  3. Інфо про продуктивність
  4. Де почитати про стратегію, бізнес та маркетинг
  5. Футуристичні “штуки” і куди ж рухається світ?
  6. Про підприємництво
  7. Інші круті ресурси

З цими питаннями я пішла до однієї із найбільш освічених, ясна річ, і просвітлених аудиторій у світі — до вас, мої друзі на ФБ. …

Мантра нашого світу.

Ми — нещасне покоління.

Доступ до інформації — це скринька Пандори, яка в руках одної і тої ж людини може як змушувати творити її неймовірне і відкривати нове, так і пригнічувати і повільно “вбивати” день за днем.

Наші батьки жили хоч й у дуже сегментованому (дуже багаті і дуже бідні, ті, що всюди подорожували і ті, хто нікуди не виїжджав), але у кращому світі, де кожен жив своє маленьке життя у рамках свого маленького містечка і дехто навіть умудрився за все життя не виїхати ні разу за його межі. І був абсолютно щасливим! Дивно? …

Aksena Krykun

Passionate about IT and startups. Books lover. Made in Ukraine.

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